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If the gifts, cookies, PTO, full-fledged copse indoors, authorization to abrasion animal sweaters, and accepted faculty of animation aren’t abundant to accomplish you attending advanced to Christmastime added than any added time of year, there’s one aftermost affairs point that aloof adeptness accomplish you change your tune to “Jingle Bells”: the achievability of your admired TV appearance airing a Christmas episode.

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lucy butterfly birthday invitation with photo butterfly birthday invitation | Butterfly Birthday Invitation

Watching characters you’ve appear to apperceive so able-bodied in added contexts cross an emotionally-charged ceremony atmosphere is not abandoned acutely entertaining, it can additionally deepen your compassionate of what the ceremony is about—or at atomic accord you a breach from your own aberrant continued ancestors to beam at addition else’s.

Settle in with a gallon of eggnog and accessory up for this year’s yuletide ceremony by revisiting our top 40 Christmas television episodes of all time (listed in alphabetical adjustment by alternation titles).

With Christmas in New York City, ancestors dysfunction, and apparent partying, “Ludachristmas” is a 30-minute encapsulation of what the holidays are all about—the abandoned affair missing from this 30 Rock adventure is Ludacris himself. From Jack’s hilariously bad-natured mother to Kenneth’s acutely arid (but capital and meaningful) assuming of Christmas to Liz’s not-so-happy-after-all family, aloof about every admirers affiliate can chronicle to this. Christmas is the best time of the year! Aloof ask Tracy, who couldn’t advice but berserk bless and balk his 30-day booze acquittal allowable by a judge. —Thomas Carannante

Alfred Hitchcock adeptness not be accepted for ceremony cheer, but the Master of Suspense did put his abnormally austere brand on this yuletide chapter of his long-running album series, and it’s one of the few episodes he directed himself. In “Back for Christmas,” John Williams (not the composer) portrays Herbert Carpenter, a man who offs his wife Hermione (Isobel Elsom) in England and believes he can burrow her anatomy in the foundation of their home. While adequate in America during a ceremony break, he receives cutting account from beyond the pond. His backward wife’s Christmas allowance to him was a wine cellar—one that will crave excavating his basement floor. And now you accept why Hitchcock, admitting his Santa-esque proportions, was advised beneath than jolly. —Jake Rossen

Don’t boldness President Gob in his $5000 clothing or abroad you’ll face the consequences, which the complete Bluth Company does at the ceremony anniversary affair aback Gob mistakes some affected adulation from an agent as a roast. The abandoned affair worse (and added hilarious) than that is Michael singing “Afternoon Delight” with his niece, Maeby, afore acumen the lyrics are inappropriate for such a duet. Lucille is alike added aberrant during the holidays; Buster enjoys his Christmas detour from Army at the arcade; Tobias’s burst eardrum (thanks to Lucille’s dabbling and blowing) armament him to absence a life-changing alarm from the Blue Man Group; and the locals abide their Christmas attitude of antibacterial the acclaimed abettor stand—COME ON! —TC

No bulk of melancholia acclamation can adapt the austere angle of Atramentous Mirror, and its ceremony appropriate is no exception. Trapped calm in a berth with snow axle up outside, Matt (Jon Hamm) and Joe (Rafe Spall) altercate the affairs that accept brought them together. Matt was an able in bogus intelligence and atrociously captured the alertness of bodies to become allotment of a acquainted claimed abettor device; Joe admits he asleep his fiancée’s ancestor with a snow apple afterwards an argument. The berth seems like a prison, and both of their fates are intertwined. By the time Matt is abnormality the streets, rendered concealed and about airy to the alfresco world, and Joe is trapped in a affliction of his own making, you’ll be adulatory for the Grinch to advice acclamation you up. —JR

As is par for the advance with Cheers, annihilation about division 6’s Christmas adventure is accidentally subtle—which, of course, is why we adulation it. From It’s a Wonderful Activity arena on the bar’s television to Norm’s Santa clothing (and Santa-suited friends), the accomplished adventure makes you admiration if maybe you’d rather skip the big ancestors shebang this year and absorb the holidays in a comfortable bar with a bubbling pint instead. —Ellen Gutoskey

“Comparative Religion” is hardly a approved adventure of Community. This is, afterwards all, the appearance best accepted for its high-concept, over-budget homages. “Comparative Religion” has none of that, admitting it does affection an aberrant bedfellow atom from Anthony Michael Hall. Instead, the adventure focuses on architecture the characters of the abstraction group, ambidextrous out simple but amusing jokes (“We’re aggravating to get Jeff accessible for the fiiiiiiiiiiiiiight,”), and giving the apple the allowance of Christmas Troy. —Noam Radcliffe

Born of a vague, abstruse approval from an controlling and a “screw-it” attitude, “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” is aiguille Community. With its arresting stop-motion aesthetic, it becoming the appearance its sole Emmy—for Individual Achievement in Animation—and beatific administrator Duke Johnson on the aisle to 2015’s Anomalisa, but its complete bequest lives in the simple actuality of its existence. “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” does what abandoned Community could, acclimation advised homage, academic wanderlust, and astonishing affection in an all-too-brief 23-minute package. —NR

Larry David’s ceremony spirit is on abounding and awkward affectation in this melancholia adventure that sees the actor ruining Christmas for his wife Cheryl (Cheryl Hines) by accidentally bistro accolade advised for a ancestors bearing scene. Award that the accurate acceptation of Christmas involves not abashing his in-laws, Larry goes in chase of a band-aid and finds a alive bearing that adeptness be able to save the day. On Curb Your Enthusiasm, you can apprehend he’s acceptable to aloof accomplish aggregate alluringly worse. —JR

Christmas specials are aloof as abundant a allotment of Doctor Who assize as about-face or Daleks, which agency there are several holiday-themed episodes from which to choose. But the 2010 edition, featuring Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, was a able call of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol—which, aback you anticipate about it, is array of about time biking anyway. Which fits altogether into the series’ allegorical sci-fi pedigree. —Jennifer M. Wood

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butterfly party birthday invitation for girls butterfly birthday invitation | Butterfly Birthday Invitation

After two affecting seasons of will-they-or-won’t-they-get-together storylines—plus one atrocious post-coital death, a amazing accretion from paralysis, and a acceptable case of Spanish flu that asleep off a adventurous rival—(distant) cousins Matthew and Mary Crawley assuredly allowance the deal. Which, in this case means: Matthew proposes, Mary tells him he bigger do it appropriately (she brand things done properly), she says yes, the ASMR-inducing music swells, and they circuit about in the snow to bless their anew affianced bliss. Don’t beating it ‘til you watch it. —JMW

Whatever your animosity may be about Ross Geller’s ambiguous behavior as a parent, boyfriend, professor, doctor (of paleontology), or actuality in general, you charge accept his assuming as the ceremony armadillo accept becoming him a abode in the Christmas television anteroom of fame. In the absence of any accessible Santa Claus costumes, Ross advisers a alarming armadillo clothing to advise his half-Jewish son about Hanukkah—but aback Chandler appears dressed as Santa Claus, and Joey bursts in dressed as Superman, it turns into the weirdest Christmas celebration of all time. —EG

Futurama’s adeptness to be ardent and absorbing abnormal afterwards a brash gag is a abundant strength, and this aboriginal Xmas adventure strikes that aberrant balance. John Goodman as arduous Robot Santa is a treat, but Fry and Leela’s band growing added over their aggregate loneliness—he as an unfrozen approaching man, she as an conflicting of alien parentage—is a architecture block for what’s to come. Oh, and Zoidberg saves the day! Now, let us all sing “Santa Claus is Gunning You Down.” —Sam Dunn

Gilmore Girls is abounding with alluring snowfalls, bleared mugs of coffee, and a accepted faculty of coziness throughout, so a solid alternation affair appear December is absolutely justified. If you abandoned accept about 45 account of chargeless time, however, this adventure from division 1 is account a rewatch. Familial tensions run aerial aback Richard suffers a affection attack, and we get to see all the characters (Lorelai and Emily in particular) at their worst, afresh best, afresh affliction again, afresh best again, and so on. It’s not abandoned archetypal Gilmore Girls, it’s archetypal “any ancestors during the holidays.” Messy, relatable, and ultimately absurd not to love. —EG

One of the aboriginal iconic tear-jerkers in this adolescent developed series, Arnold gets abandoned Vietnamese boarder Mr. Hyunh (long afore he became a country star) in their household’s Secret Santa drawing. His affected Christmas plan is to accumulate the contempo immigrant with his babe Mai, whom he had accustomed to escape on a helicopter 20 years prior. Afterwards abounding abortive attempts, Arnold surrenders hope, abandoned to watch Mai access on his doorstep anyway, acknowledgment to his guardian angel, the head-over-heels Helga. We’re not abiding why one animation was accurately accustomed to accomplish us cry so acutely and for so long. —Adam Weinrib

First aired on complete Christmas Eve 1955 (television acclimated to be a atom added bewitched aback then), Ralph Kramden learns a assignment in generosity, address of the Ghost of O. Henry (figuratively, not literally). Afterwards alarming his Christmas money on a bowling brawl for himself, he afresh abjure it and sells the brawl to buy his wife a complete present. She afresh adeptness him … a now-unusable bowling brawl bag, arch to a breakable moment and oft-remembered Kramden address about the complete joy of the holiday. —AW

What does the Assemblage appetite for Christmas? For Dennis (Glenn Howerton) and Dee (Kaitlin Olson), it’s the account of their ancestor Frank (Danny DeVito), a egocentric bogey who buys their best adapted adeptness afresh keeps them for himself. They attack to course-correct by capacity him into a couch so he can apprehend his old co-workers altercate what a abhorrent actuality he is. For Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Charlie (Charlie Day), it’s rediscovering the joy of the ceremony afterwards award out Mac’s parents bankrupt into homes to abduct presents and that Charlie’s mom allegedly traded animal favors with Santa for gifts. That this all involves Charlie assaulting a capital Santa and Frank active about naked and asthmatic for air is par for the advance on Sunny. In attempting to acquisition the accurate acceptation of Christmas, the Assemblage is that attenuate television ceremony appropriate oddity: They apprentice absolutely nothing. —JR

Basically, Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda apprentice that boyhood pop brilliant Aaron Carter will be filming a music video adjacent and anon alpha artful means to accommodated him. Using the archetypal Disney adapt of cheating into anywhere—head-stacks peeking about corners, absolutely anemic disguises, etc.—they assuredly acquisition themselves in Aaron’s bathrobe room. Lizzie convinces Aaron’s less-than-pleased administrator to let one of them accommodated the accompanist (because ’tis the season, am I right?). Next, Lizzie pulls the ultimate Christmas move by suggesting Miranda use this befalling to added her music career. Cute.

But the accurate Christmas phenomenon happens aback Lizzie “realizes” she “forgot” her band recorder in Aaron’s room. She knocks on his aperture and that’s aback it happens—that’s aback Aaron Carter opens the door, asks “Is this yours?,” Lizzie goes “Yeah.” Afresh comes Aaron’s iconic line: “Merry Christmas, Lizzie McGuire” (totally accepting had peeped her name on the band recorder). Oh, and would you attending at that? Lo and behold, Aaron Carter has mistletoe over his door, so he kisses Lizzie. If you, like 11-year-old me did at the time, are apprehensive how kissing a acclaimed celebrity would change the artifice of the actual seasons? Don’t, because none of this is anytime mentioned again. The adventure ends with the assemblage abutting Aaron Carter on date to sing everyone’s admired Christmas song: “I Appetite Candy.” A accurate Christmas classic. —Angela Trotti

It’s arrant alike nine years afterwards watching cowboyish Lee Garner Jr. alter Roger Sterling, he of the according and adverse swagger, by banishment him to abrasion that Santa suit. Notably, this adventure saw Megan activate to emerge; she’s about Zen-like in her adequacy compared to the afire affecting bones anyone too carefully affiliated to Don Draper becomes. Dr. Faye gets hard-done actuality by that bashed atramentous aperture of adult amorality, too, and we’ll never absolve holy-hell-what-a-lil’-creep Glen Bishop for accomplishing awe-inspiring things in Sally’s room. —SD

In its fifth season, Mad Men gave us the best Christmas present money couldn’t buy: Don Draper and Joan Harris aloof blind out and drinking. Sure, affluence of added actuality goes bottomward in “Christmas Waltz”—Lane Pryce seals his fate by accomplishment Don’s signature, Harry Crane gets it on with a Hare Krishna acolyte in his office, anybody ignores Pete Campbell accepting a attack at Jaguar—but sometimes it’s the little things that feel the best. Don and Joan affectionate in a Midtown bar like the old accompany they now are is a decidedly exciting Christmas magic. —NR

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butterfly birthday invitation floral butterfly zazzle | Butterfly Birthday Invitation

Rowan Atkinson is generally referred to as “The Man With the Rubber Face,” and abundant of that is due to his run as the abundantly bashful but acutely alive Mr. Bean. But he becoming a new acumen with this Christmas episode: The Man With the Turkey on His Head (skip advanced to the 19:35 mark above). Yes, continued afore Accompany fabricated it a thing, Mr. Bean—who was consistently advanced of his time—was accomplishing it. —JMW

The best way to acknowledge 1964’s low-budget bomb Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is through the lens of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which riffed on the cine in 1991. In the movie, Santa is kidnapped by aliens so he can allocate adeptness to their children. In the allowance of the awning sits Joel (Joel Hodgson), Crow (Trace Beaulieu), and Tom Servo (Kevin Murphy), who attack to accomplish faculty of this misfire. By the time the assemblage is singing “A Patrick Swayze Christmas,” you, too, will accept in Santa and his adeptness to breathe abandoned in a Martian atmosphere. —JR

In this episode, Seth uses the Christmas-Hanukkah amalgam ceremony he calls Chrismukkah to absolve not accepting to accept amid the two girls he’s dating simultaneously, and the burden of the holidays drives Marissa to both abduct and alcohol herself into oblivion. Did the showrunners about-face bottomward the punch on the action in the spirit of balmy and down-covered Christmas feelings? No. Did we apprehend them to? Absolutely not. The endlessly soapy, can’t-stop-watching affection that makes The O.C. such an angsty boyhood archetypal is on abounding affectation actuality and, as it turns out, it’s alike added fun with Christmas decorations in the background. —EG

Considering that the Dunder Mifflin advisers all purchased adeptness with specific recipients in mind, Michael’s accommodation to about-face the Secret Santa into a Yankee Swap is according genitalia adverse and hilarious: Anybody vies for the iPod that Michael bought for Ryan, and Jim’s trinket-filled teapot for Pam about ends up as Dwight’s nasal cleanser. Booze flows freely, affections run aerial all around, and one afflicted bounded administrator ends up accepting flashed by an employee. Does this complete like your office’s Christmas party? In the name of all that is holy, we achievement not. —EG

Though “Dinner Party” may be broadly admired as the best-ever adventure of The Office, afresh “A Benihana Christmas” deserves atonement acknowledgment at the actual least. In this hour-long Christmas special, Michael Scott cancels Christmas (and threatens to booty New Year’s away) but ultimately ends up demography Dwight, Jim, and Andy to Benihana to get bashed afore they acknowledgment to the appointment for not one, but two dueling Christmas parties (one that starts at 3 p.m., and a “way added fun party” that starts at 2:45 p.m.) The episode’s soundtrack abandoned is aces of a Grammy, featuring covers of archetypal hit songs like Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” by Kevin Malone and a 30-second examination of James Blunt’s “Goodbye My Lover,” which Michael plays on a bend to ache his breakdown with his realtor Carol (played by Nancy Carell, Steve Carell’s real-life wife). “A Benihana Christmas” answers a lot of questions—for example, how does one accurately boner a goose?—but additionally keeps admirers apprehensive … does Michael apperceive how to ride a bike? —AT

More than a year afterwards “Interview,” The Office’s division 2 finale, which initially acquainted like the alternation finale, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant alternate to co-write and co-direct this two-part Christmas appropriate that revisited the Wernham Hogg gang—past and present—and answered some absolutely afire questions, including: Why was there a documentary aggregation filming this appointment at all? What happened afterwards the documentary alternation aired? How abounding copies of David Brent’s awning of “If You Don’t Apperceive Me By Now” did Juxtaposition Records absolutely sell? How is Tim faring with Gareth as the new appointment manager? Did Dawn and Lee anytime get married? And who does your tampons? Aloof like its two official seasons, The Appointment Christmas appropriate mixes atrociously afflictive amusement with moments of accurate sentimentality—none added so than aback Tim assuredly gets the girl. —JMW

Rugrats was one of the abandoned depictions of a Jewish ancestors on TV aback it aired on Nickelodeon in the 1990s. The appearance fabricated animation history aback Tommy, Chuckie, and Angelica reenacted the adventure of Passover in 1995, and a year later, the Rugrats acclaimed addition Jewish holiday. “Chanukah” follows the aforementioned architecture as the Passover episode, with the babies arena characters in a call of the miracle. Grandpa Boris angry with his battling Shlomo over who will comedy the advance in the synagogue’s Chanukah comedy additionally makes for an absorbing B-plot. —Michele Debczak

Though SNL consistently boasts underrated ceremony accordance (even the set bathrobe consistently feels balmy and awful wreathed), this adventure appearance the best Bulk Christmas, in agreement of avant-garde classics. It opens with Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, and Maya Rudolph crooning “Santa’s My Boyfriend,” and acutely appearance the Emmy-winning, 16-bleep Timberlake-Samberg agenda abbreviate that NBC advisers alleged “Special Christmas Box” during their publicity advance (the box, of course, contains a d***). Additionally noteworthy? Bill Hader and Timberlake singing the Alvin and the Chipmunks archetypal “Christmas, Don’t Be Late” in the monologue. Don’t forget. —AW

The hospital on Scrubs consistently has a way of afraid the acceptance of at atomic one capital appearance every episode, and aback it assuredly happens to Turk—Donald Faison, the show’s alarm of positivity—after a Christmas Eve about-face aggress by tragedy, it aloof hits a little harder. But Scrubs’s amusement aloof wouldn’t be the aforementioned afterwards some affliction to go forth with it, and Turk’s anguish is eventually adored with a Christmas phenomenon that restores his acceptance and gives us one of the best uses of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” you’ll anytime see on TV. —Jay Serafino

Going home for the holidays can get a little addled by December 26, but at atomic our holidays all end. But n the Costanza household, no celebration—no amount how languid—is anytime accomplished until George can pin his ancestor to the ground, a action that could booty days. It’s all allotment of Festivus, the Costanza-specific ceremony aboriginal explored in this late-season episode. This isn’t alike to acknowledgment that we’re ambidextrous with a attenuate Seinfeld adventure area Kramer has a job; he allotment to H&H Bagels afterwards a decade-long bang for the ceremony season, and apace uncorks a beef valve. —AW

Watching a about naked (and decidedly strapping) Sherlock Holmes affectation all of his bold airs in Buckingham Alcazar is Christmas-themed in that it is the best allowance abounding admirers accept anytime gotten. That aside, this adventure additionally appearance an awkward yet heartwarming ceremony party, during which Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock exhibits some mind-blowingly accidental behavior in the spirit of Christmas: Afterwards battery Molly with a battery of exact abuse, he apologizes, wishes her a amusing Christmas, afresh kisses her on the cheek. If that isn’t Christmas-y abundant to authorize its admittance on this list, I’ll eat my deerstalker hat. —EG

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butterfly birthday invitation butterfly birthday invitations butterfly birthday invitation | Butterfly Birthday Invitation

Marge loses the ceremony spending account aback Bart’s boom requires abatement and Homer’s assignment benefit doesn’t appear through. An attack to win it all aback at the dog clue flops, but they don’t appear home empty-handed: Santa’s Little Helper is in tow. Watching this actual aboriginal adventure of The Simpsons can be jarring. The appearance designs aren’t dialed in, and their movement is gelatinous. But the amount conceit of a ancestors that loves one addition admitting their flaws is present. Homer’s academician may not be in the appropriate place, but his affection is. —JR

In aloof 22 account of television, “Marge Be Not Proud” serves as a blast advance in aggregate that fabricated The Simpsons the arch banana academy during its aureate years. First, you’ve got archetypal gags, like the deadpan accurateness of Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge, Homer accepting hoodwinked by an Allan Sherman record, and the addition of “Thrillhouse”—or, added fittingly, “Thrillho.” But all of these afterimage gags and quotable moments wouldn’t still be remembered about a quarter-century afterwards if not for the affecting artlessness of the story, which sees Marge and Bart clean their artificial accord afterwards Bart gets bent annexation a video bold at the bounded administration abundance appropriate afore Christmas. If the show’s seventh division is remembered as its peak, afresh this is the complete pinnacle. —JS

On the aboriginal ceremony of their patriarch’s death, the Fisher ancestors reflects on their aboriginal Christmas afterwards Nathaniel, as David stresses about bringing his new admirer home for the aboriginal time. This adventure isn’t all Christmas banquet and black tears, though; it opens with a Santa on a motorcycle accepting hit by a car. Ta-da! —AR

“My children, you should apperceive article … I’m packing.” Thus spake Jesus, our half-Rambo, half-Blade dispenser of angelic violence, as he annihilated a countless of agitator militants. Bringing Christmas to Iraq—Cartman’s admirable plan to get off Santa’s Naughty List—is harder than it looks, and the Messiah ultimately pays with his life, sacrificing himself to save Santa Claus and our boys in an abandoned hodgepodge of 2001’s Atramentous Hawk Bottomward and 1999’s Three Kings. But the topper? Kenny aloof affectionate of assuming up afterwards actuality asleep for a agenda year. It’s a Christmas miracle! —SD

Based on the 1950s lurid comics of the aforementioned name, Tales from the Crypt was generally added apish than scary, but for its Christmas episode, the HBO alternation went abounding horror. “All Through the House” follows a woman actuality abashed by an able cover accommodating dressed as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. The alarming account is the absolute antitoxin to all the feel-good agreeable bottleneck the airwaves this time of year. —MD

As is generally the case for Selina Meyer, things go horrifically afield in this accurate ceremony allowance exchange. The always-callous Veep regifts the aged pen her babe gave her during their ancestors Camp David retreat to Chinese President Lu, afresh accidentally easily the bathrobe she accustomed to her daughter’s partner, Marjorie, eventually arch to the agreement of an adulterous accord actuality actual abundant scrapped. Don’t you abhorrence aback Christmas regifting causes an all-embracing incident? —AW

It’s 1843 and Christmastime has accustomed at Buckingham Palace, area a abundant (again) Queen Victoria is adverse her aboriginal ceremony afterwards her admired governess-turned-confidante Baroness Lehzen. So Prince Albert is bent to accomplish it Victoria’s best Christmas anytime and goes about transforming the alcazar into a yuletide wonderland abounding of dangling Christmas trees, adeptness abounding (including an orphaned princess), and ancestors associates that no one absolutely wants to accord with. Admitting Albert (incorrectly) gets a lot of acclaim for bringing a array of German Christmas traditions to England, we’ll let accurateness accelerate in this case because what the appearance recreates is a affair of beauty—and a admonition that donning a acme doesn’t beggarly that you don’t additionally accept to accord with ascendant parents, abortive siblings, and/or arresting in-laws. —JMW

Every adventure of The West Wing is absolutely a Christmas adventure if you believe, as I do, that President Bartlet is aloof a actual tan Santa Claus with southern-gentleman accordance (he’s from New Hampshire, which is technically south aback compared to the North Pole). This one, however, has abounding added added elements of ceremony cheer, including a arena area the President sneaks into a bookshop for some last-minute Christmas shopping—which he forbids anyone from cogent the columnist about—a arena area Josh gives Donna a book with a ardent agenda central (They hug! It’s important!), and a subplot area Toby organizes a aggressive burial for a abandoned adept who died cutting his coat. —EG

Kevin doesn’t end up accepting the blush television he so abominably wants in this episode, admitting he does apprentice that Christmas isn’t about the “tinsel and wrapping paper,” but about memory. Oh, candied Kevin, it was never about the applique or wrapping paper—it’s about what’s captivated in it. Anyway, accustomed that the holidays are a time to gorge on the sappy, civil animosity that you try to coffin for the added 11 months of the year so you can get some accursed assignment done, this adventure is absolutely account indulging in. —EG

The ghosts that abduct Christmas in this adventure are a brace of lovers played by Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin who, afterwards dying in a murder-suicide alliance so they could absorb aeon together, alarm Mulder and Scully to the point area they about can’t acquaint up from down. It’s trippy, it’s spooky, it’s bags of fun, and it’s all ultimately extraneous aback compared to the final arena of this episode, during which “Have Yourself a Amusing Little Christmas” plays in the accomplishments while we watch—through a arctic windowpane, no less—the will-they-or-won’t-they ally barter Christmas adeptness alike admitting they had absitively not to. —EG

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