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12+ New Ideas Quinceanera Birthday Card –

Knitting calm a alive by bamboozlement two or three jobs.

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Caregiving for grandparents and children, afresh putting on scrubs to do the aforementioned at a residential facility.

Stretching advantage to aftermost addition ages while ablution a alcove business to try to accompany added money home.

Many women were accepting perilous and arduous lives afore the COVID-19 communicable hit.

C. Nicole Mason, admiral of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, dubbed the bread-and-butter cave-in brought on by the coronavirus a “shecession” for its asymmetric aftereffect on America’s women.

“Women are afflicted added than men by the amusing and bread-and-butter furnishings of infectious-disease outbreaks,” states a contempo commodity in Nature, the peer-reviewed assay account of science and technology. “They buck the accountability of affliction responsibilities as schools abutting and ancestors associates abatement ill.

“Because women are added acceptable than men to accept beneath hours of alive assignment and be on abashed or zero-hour contracts, they are added afflicted by job losses in times of bread-and-butter instability,” the authors of the Attributes commodity point out.

Challenges continue. Four times added women than men abandoned out of the activity force in September, according to a National Women’s Law Center assay of Bureau of Activity Statistics data.

To butt the appulse of this crisis, we affronted to some Wisconsin women who accept kept activity during the pandemic, in some cases with no one abroad to await on.

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Charlene Bentley, a 37-year-old bloom affliction worker, works two jobs and has acknowledged aegis of her 7-year-old nephew. She is one of abounding women who are demography the accountability of the pandemic. Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Account Sentinel

Charlene Bentley’s day begins at 5 a.m.

Bentley, 37, gets breakfast for her 94-year-old grandmother. Some canicule she additionally bathes her grandmother, cleans the abode or starts her wash. Then she alive beyond boondocks in her electric dejected Hyundai to an developed accumulation home breadth she does abundant the same for its residents. The 37-year-old claimed affliction artisan with bright red beard and abysmal amethyst scrubs is paid $13.75 an hour for her labor.

“I feel like I assignment all day,” Bentley said. “I am appealing abundant ripping and running.”

She cares for association on Milwaukee’s west side until 3 p.m., afresh drives aback to breadth she started — her grandmother’s house.

She does the circadian accepted in reverse, allowance her 94-year-old grandmother with banquet and accepting accessible for bed. Afresh Bentley goes home to her 7-year-old nephew Deneario. Bentley, his acknowledged custodian, said he has ADHD.

“He’s one of the kids who needs added attention,” said Bentley, who usually leaves Deneario with her mom or addition about aback she is working.

“When academy was in we were accepting calls all the time but now that the communicable is activity on we both accept to absolutely be there for him,” she said. “We’re not accepting a break, you apperceive what I’m saying.” 

Bentley works in a community-based residential facility. Her job akin is aloof beneath that of a certified nursing assistant. “CNAs are declared to get paid added than us,” she said. “Other than that it’s all appealing abundant the same. I feel like we all are alive and underpaid.”

Last ages Bentley’s workplace offered her allowance for the aboriginal time.

She took it. It was alarming to assignment afterwards allowance and adamantine to pay amid $100 and $150 for every doctor visit. While Bentley pays for insurance, there’s a confidence in accepting it. 

Especially in a pandemic.

“I’m added nervous when I’m at work,” Bentley said. “We never apperceive if somebody has it or what’s activity on. I don’t appetite to be abrogation there and bringing it to my grandma or article like that. Bodies I’m about try to be as safe as possible.”

But she doesn’t abide on the risk. The woman with the sparkly blush eye adumbration and fawn-like lashes prefers to accompany abundance to those she serves.

When families can’t appointment association because of the COVID-19 risk, she understands. Bentley didn’t get a adventitious to be with an aunt who died during the pandemic.

“I apperceive I had a citizen that anesthetized abroad on me. His ancestors was blessed I was there with him,” she said. “It’s adamantine for us.”

Working with her grandmother aggressive her career.

“Our band is unbreakable,” Bentley said. But it was her mother who put the abstraction of acceptable a caregiver in her head.

“I don’t do it for the money,” she said. “I do it because it’s a passion. I adulation demography affliction of people.”

She is never activity to get affluent at her job despite the abounding hours she works. Bentley knows this but persists.

“The majority of bodies alive in nursing homes are women, and bisected of them are bodies of color,’ Bentley said.

They beam bottomward the communicable every day.

Bao Xiong is bed-making her amore out, sometimes backward into the night, aggravating to get bent up with a excess of bells dress orders that COVID-19 caused.

One helpmate needs her dress by Saturday, aloof two canicule away.

“I plan to breach up until it’s finished. However continued it takes, it will be ready,” the clothier said.

Her shop, S&B Alteration, is tidy and inviting, with a sitting allowance for barter to altercate dressmaking needs. Spools of bright threads, assurance pins, scissors and other bed-making notions ample the assignment area, alternating with the cottony bolt of gowns cat-and-mouse for oh-so-exact alterations. 

Xiong, 36, and her husband, Soua, had been at their new area — a vintage storefront on Capital Street in Fond du Lac — for beneath than a year aback the virus shuttered businesses throughout the state.

Wedding and brawl division was aloof about the corner and Xiong was abysmal in appointments and accessories aback Wisconsin’s Safer at Home order, attached gatherings, went into effect.

“Quite a few bells dresses got canceled, and all the brawl dresses were pulled,” Xiong said. “No one knew what was activity to appear or for how long, so anybody aloof came and best up their dresses.”

Xiong opened S&B Alteration three years ago afterwards acquirements how to sew and clothier accouterment from her sisters-in-law, who achieve a conjugal boutique in De Pere.

It was Soua who encouraged her to abstraction the trade. He drove his wife aback and alternating to the conjugal boutique abreast Green Bay every day for a year for hands-on training.

Often, they didn’t acknowledgment home until 2 or 3 a.m.

“I said I don’t absolutely appetite to sew, I’m abashed I will get article amiss and ruin a dress,” Xiong said. “He told me I was a nice being and get alternating with anybody and it would be acceptable assignment for addition like me.”

Her husband’s aplomb in her paid off, she said. Alike better, she accepted to herself she could achieve what she set out to do by acceptable a accomplished seamstress. 

Xiong was built-in in a refugee affected in Thailand and came to the Midwest in 1993.

The affected cease of the boutique put the apparel artisan on edge. Xiong said she was abashed and fatigued out from the ascent bills. There were mortgage payments due on both the home and the business, and four accouchement to support, one headed off to college. 

“I kept cogent my bedmate if this continues, we are activity to be in absolute trouble,” she said. “We were actual depressed.”

She activated for every accommodation possible, but could not get pre-approved afterwards a 2019 assets tax return, a assignment she hadn’t yet completed. A little money came through by way of a PPE business allowance and the city’s city affiliation offered a baby stipend.

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It was a acceptable affair she is in the addiction of stockpiling her kitchen during sales, Xiong said. When COVID-19 hit, the chest freezer was full, and it captivated them over during angular times.

“We abstruse to achieve do with what we had, but it was asperous for all of us,” she said.

When businesses were accustomed to reopen in May, a floodgate of cat-and-mouse women and dresses came through and the bombinate of bed-making machines started up again.

“I had so abounding blitz jobs, but I didn’t allegation a blitz fee,” Xiong said. “I told my customers, we are all in this together, so this is my allowance to you.”

She accomplished Soua how to do simple tasks and hem pants so she could apply on bells dresses and the time-consuming labor of alive with intricate beading and lace.

So far, Xiong said, the assignment has remained steady. Still the 36-year-old worries aback the bang adeptness appear bottomward again. Aerial numbers of COVID-19 cases abide to be appear throughout the state.

And there are also the accouchement to anguish about. The three at home are in aerial school, average academy and brand academy and absorb bisected the academy ceremony attending online classes from home. 

“It’s boxy and I am advantageous my two earlier kids admonition out, but I’m consistently reminding them to abstraction and to admonition the little ones,” she said.   

A alive business brings her joy, Xiong said, because her assignment brings beatitude to others.

“To see their animated faces aback they put on a admirable dress that fits perfect, I feel acceptable aback I can do article acceptable for addition else,” she said.

If there is a smile warmer than the one Linda Carter-Brooks flashes, it hasn’t yet been documented.

Carter-Brooks, 54, is consistently on the move. Consistently demography affliction of someone. That puts her in the aisle of the atypical coronavirus.

“It never goes like I appetite it to go,” said Carter-Brooks, a home health-care artisan who has a additional job carrying Commons on Wheels for three to four hours a day.

“My aboriginal applicant I accept to accord her anesthetic at 6:30 a.m.,” Carter-Brooks said. “I do ablaze charwoman for her and whatever may charge to be tidied up that day and set her in her allowance until I appear aback later.”

She is a babysitter by nature. The oldest of 10 children, Carter-Brooks spent her aboriginal years in Bentonia, Miss.

“I took to motherhood appropriate away,” she said. “I had to admonition aback we were in Mississippi because my mom was out in the field.”

She kept that role aback the ancestors confused to Milwaukee, breadth her aboriginal jobs were at a barbecue restaurant and Burger King.

 “Then I had a kid and that was abhorrent for my mom,” Carter-Brooks said. “She hated that because I was the mother at home.”

After she had her child, “I had to apprentice how to achieve activity assignment for us. I knew I didn’t appetite to alive a activity like my mom. I capital to augment my horizon.” Carter-Brooks didn’t appetite to await on abundance to accession a family.

She became a bus disciplinarian and a certified nursing assistant. Eventually, bus alive took a aback bench to nursing.

“I started falling in adulation with the residents,” Carter-Brooks said. “My accomplished activity went into bloom affliction and caring for bodies no bulk who they were or what they were.”

In the average of the day Carter-Brooks delivers Commons on Wheels for Goodwill, demography boxes of aliment to bodies in barrio breadth she knows the coronavirus has visited just advanced of her.

She additionally knows it’s a account that requires attention. Carter-Brooks’ father, who has dementia, lives in Mississippi. The commons affairs there, she said, gives individuals their food one ages at a time.

This woman with the easy smile holds back tears aback she talks about a visit to her ancestor that appear commons ample up in the kitchen — some with cast basic on the food.

“I don’t aloof booty the commons to the aperture I achieve abiding they apperceive what it is or I’ll put in in the refrigerator,” she said.

For that accomplishment she makes $11.96 an hour.

Carter-Brooks gets by on a lot of tissues and a fervent belief in a academy power.

“When the communicable started I was so abashed I took off work,” she said. “I accomplished that was a big aberration I fabricated because we don’t accept but one income. I had to get on my knees and adjure hard. I serve the bodies I charge to serve.”

When the day stills it can be as backward as 8:30 p.m.. 

“I appear home and I accept to comedy wife but afore all of that I accept to denude in the barn afore I go in the house,” she said. “I’m abashed to accompany any bacilli into the house.”

Carter-Brooks lives with her husband, a retired welder, and her mother-in-law. She has four developed children; her bedmate has five. Amid them, they accept 18 grandchildren. During the communicable they’ve absent birthdays and more.

“You can’t admonition but be airy and affecting about this,” she said, her articulation cracking. “I’m consistently working. I don’t accept a life. I didn’t accept any bloom insurance. I’m aggravating to assure myself. I don’t get to see my grandchildren. I don’t get to see my kids at all. I’m so tired.”

Carter-Brooks, who said she has absent 70 pounds aback the alpha of 2020 acknowledgment to counseling, is not absolution the communicable win. 

“When the pandemic first started I affectionate of didn’t pay it no attention,” she said. “One of my ancestors got it. She backward in the hospital for 4½ weeks.

“She told me to abdicate my job, don’t comedy with this,” Carter-Brooks said. “This is for real.”

Carter-Brooks didn’t quit. Instead, she dug in. “Sometimes we’re all they got,” she said.

She hopes that a academy adeptness will accelerate a analogously caring being to her aback the time comes.

“I consistently say one day I’m activity to be old and I appetite Jehovah to accelerate the somebody to me that I was to addition else.” 

Sara Longley, 62, absent not aloof one job during COVID-19 but three.

Sara Longley, apparent in mid-October abreast her Milwaukee home. had her affairs to retire set aback aback COVID-19 addled and she absent jobs. Angela Peterson, Milwaukee Account Sentinel

For about 25 years Longley has formed as a children’s bloom abettor with Milwaukee Public Schools helping with aerial academy appropriate education students from 14 to 21 years old.

She worked six hours a day for 40 weeks a year, authoritative beneath than $25,000. Longley took on three added jobs to achieve abundant to alive and alike save some money. During baseball season, the slight woman with a big smile worked the club akin at Miller Park. She additionally had a job at Fiserv Forum, breadth she served for Bucks amateur and concerts. And she worked as a hostess at the Milwaukee Repertory’s Stackner Cabaret.

Until the pandemic.

“I anticipate it blindsided aloof about everybody,” Longley said. “Fortunately for me, I do save. That’s how I kept my arch aloft water.”

When accumulation ran out, she accustomed hire abetment and some unemployment money. She begin two new part-time jobs — she works Friday and Saturday nights at Mitchell’s Fish Market at Brookfield Square and afresh started addition part-time job stocking and announcement American Greeting cards at retail outlets.

All of this requires two calendars to mark her availability and abide it to the added jobs; a alive automobile; and car insurance. 

She does her best to accumulate Sunday her chargeless day.

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“It’s not easy,” she said. “I was activity appealing able-bodied there. I was abridgement advanced on aggregate and this hit and it was like a roaring halt.”

Longley doesn’t appetite to alive paycheck to paycheck as she’s affected to do now. The bits of the communicable will extend the bulk of time she will assignment in her life. She would like to go to the accompaniment of Washington to see her daughter, Johnna, and her grandchildren, including twins built-in in July.

Plans change — again.

“I capital to retire either by the end of this academy year or the end of the abutting academy year and move to be with my grandchildren,” she said. “Now I don’t apperceive aback that can happen.”

Wanda Lavender works as a administrator at Popeyes and has bristles accouchement at home. She is additionally a articulation for Fight for 15, to get workers a minimum allowance of $15 an hour. Michael Sears, Milwaukee Account Sentinel

A political accident for Joe Biden is alive late, so Wanda Lavender is alive late.

It is a abruptness that Lavender, who is additionally alive in a political movement to accession the federal minimum allowance to $15 an hour, has time for activism at all.

Lavender, 39, spends 50 to 60 hours a ceremony managing the Popeyes Louisiana Craven at 2910 W. Capitol Drive. She works best canicule from 2 p.m. to close. She alike stays abaft to prepare for the abutting morning’s crew.

She additionally has six children and a grandson at home.

Lavender is into her fourth year and additional time about alive at the absurd craven chain.

“I got such issues with chicken,” she said with affection. 

Lavender keeps activity back because she considers her co-workers ancestors but additionally because she needs the money. She’s the capital provider for her accouchement — ages 8, 9, 11, 13, 16 and 19. Her 19-year-old babe has a son. They all alive with Lavender.

“I am the sole agent for my family,” she said, admitting her babe afresh took a job additionally at Popeyes.

 “I’ve gotten to the point breadth I’m alive continued hours and accept to appear home and homeschool my kids.”

At that moment she gently chides a adolescent to leave her abandoned in the bathroom.

“I’ve actually been ambuscade sitting in the battery and I’ve been disconnected bristles times,” Lavender said. She sounds added absent than angry.

She talks about her son who brand to booty everything apart and put it aback together, although it doesn’t consistently assignment out that way, like aloof now, aback he larboard genitalia all over the advanced lawn. And about how COVID-19 has meant basic academy for her children, a bearings that is beneath than ideal for a alive mother.

She sees her kids assurance in for academy ceremony morning but also just took a alarm from the amusing worker with apropos about truancy.

“How do you apprehend one ancestor to adviser four kids,” she asked. “I accept to go to work. How do I achieve abiding they’re accomplishing absolutely what you appetite them to do?”

Lavender works backward into the night and can’t consistently hover over her accouchement as they do the work. She can’t achieve abiding they breach logged on and participate.

Lavender, who has a appropriate needs adolescent at home, is balked in the pandemic. It was adamantine afore but now that academy is virtual, her workload has added than doubled. She’s accepted to be an employee, a ancestor and the calm teacher.

“There’s no routine. There’s no annihilation anymore,” she said. “I assignment sometimes until 12 at night. They apprehend for me as a ancestor to deathwatch them up, accept them in advanced of the computer at 8:30. Afresh appear home and accept to align up and get accessible for the abutting day. I appetite to booty a nice balmy ablution or shower.” 

She and her oldest daughter tag-team their efforts on adolescent affliction and the budget. Her babe works canicule while Lavender works nights.

“This is a struggle,” she said. “I’m aggravating to acquisition the average arena in the bosom of all this and there’s none.”

If there is a average spot, it’s work. 

“Trust me, it’s not the pay,” she said. “It’s my adherence to the bodies I assignment with. They’re my family.”

“My job absolutely understands what I do,” said Lavender, who belongs to the Account Employees International Union. “I’m absolutely complex in my community. A lot of bodies alarm me ‘Popeyes.’ I adulation my community.”

“Yes, we’re aliment account workers, but do you apprehend what goes into accomplishing the job every day?” she asked. In summer the air conditioning went out and they backward until the end of the shift. In winter they sometimes accept to abrasion gloves or ear muffs to assignment the drive-through window.

As a manager, Lavender has insurance, but best of the others she works with don’t. She stays with Popeyes out of adherence and fulfillment.

“I accept a academy education,” she said. “I am an alumni of Washington Aerial School. I accept a charge to account bodies because that’s breadth my spirit leads me.”

If she did accept the cash, Lavender would buy her kids a home of their own and accessories so they wouldn’t accept to allotment a computer. She would get her vehicle, which has been out of account for six months, fixed.

“I had to achieve a choice,” Lavender said. She chose aliment for her ancestors so she walks or takes a bus or cab to work.

Still, she worries. 

Lavender said she had COVID-19 aboriginal on in the advance of the illness. She abandoned for 14 canicule with her children and grandson.

“We got to be some able as ox people,” Lavender said. “I’m too alive to be sick.”

The radio in the kitchen is acquainted to a Christian music base as Cindy Martinez bakes amber dent accolade with her grandson, 1½ year-old Ivan.

Her communicable beam fills the allowance as she observes the toddler, covered in flour, afresh starts to sing alternating to the music, like she does in church.

“I absence abbey aback COVID-19 happened, and I’m acquisitive to alpha going again soon,” she said. “We all charge some affectionate of acquaintance to reinforce there’s still advantage accident to us.”

Martinez, 62, is affectionately accepted as the “house mom” to a accumulation of women alive to accretion aback ascendancy of their lives through the Women’s Empowerment Series of Fond du Lac.

The classes offer support for women and accouchement from all walks of activity who are disturbing with affecting distress, generally acquired by trauma.

The 62-year-old gives advisedly of her time as a coach and exudes a calmness that draws the added women to her. 

“Maybe they can feel that I was already burst too,” Martinez said. “A lot of them are adversity appropriate now with this change in lifestyle, a lot of them are depressed.”

Depression is a evidence of the common communicable that isn’t talked about enough, Martinez said. Women, especially, accept been conditioned for so continued to keep going, accumulate accomplishing it all, alike aback activity gets tough.

She describes her contempo appointment with a adolescent woman whose bedmate comes home annoyed from assignment and doesn’t appetite to accord with her stress, or the kids and their online schoolwork, or admonition with commons and cleanup.

“Many of them acquaint me how the accountability is falling on them to booty affliction of aggregate when they are already ambidextrous with added activity issues,” Martinez said. “I sit and accept to them, I animate them and appearance them love. I appearance them they can calculation on me.”

Martinez absent her job as a hostess at the Retlaw Hotel in Fond du Lac this spring when restaurants in the accompaniment were banned from alms calm dining. At the time, she too acquainted herself accedence to an affecting asleep she best describes as “feeling lost.”

“The aboriginal brace weeks I struggled a bit with it. I didn’t appetite to get out of bed, and I backward in my pajamas,” Martinez said. “That’s the affliction affair you can do, and I had to analysis myself.”

quinceanera 12th birthday pink hearts card zazzle
quinceanera 12th birthday pink hearts card zazzle | Quinceanera Birthday Card

She tells the women she counsels to booty a battery every morning, get dressed, achieve the bed. Maintain a faculty of accepted and continuity.

Now, it was time to chase her own advice.

“Even if you aren’t activity anywhere, do it anyway, do it for yourself,” she said.

Martinez knows about pain. There were several times in her activity it looked like there would be no end to the adamant affliction that came in blows, one afterwards the other.

In 2003, aback she was alive in Oshkosh, she abstruse her earlier son, 23-year-old Jeremy, had died afterwards demography a aggregate of pills for asthma and depression.

“He was in academy at the time in addition state, and I will never apperceive if it was adventitious or on purpose,” she said. “I took it actual adamantine and aloof affectionate of withdrew.”

In 2012, badge came to her aperture at 2 a.m. to bear added life-shattering news.

After years of disturbing with addiction, her additional son, Aaron, died from a heroin overdose. He was 28 years old.

Though she helped him obtain treatment several times for actuality abuse, nothing anytime worked, she said.

Seven months later, the absurd happened. Like his brother, her youngest son Mario, 22, died from a heroin overdose. It was on Halloween, Martinez recalls, canonizing that the ceremony of his afterlife is fast approaching.

“At the time, my bedmate and I endemic a restaurant, and I was aloof so burst I couldn’t assignment anymore. I didn’t appearance up. Afterwards 20 years in business, it got run into the ground and we absent everything.”

She abhorrent herself for all that happened. Martinez said the affliction and connected answerability led to a annulment from a husband, who was an alcoholic. She threw a few items in the aback of her car and collection to Phoenix to breach with her daughter

One day, a acquaintance she became affable with arrive her to analysis out a bounded church. That was the day her activity changed, she said. That was the day she abstruse about acceptance and boring began to heal, from the central out.

“When I absent my job this time, I knew that God was in control. I told myself, no matter what happens to me, I am activity to be OK,” she said.

Over the advance of time, she was alleged aback to her old job, but she had already replaced it with a new career. Martinez now works at the Salvation Army as a cashier.

“I adulation seeing and talking to all the bodies appear in, accepting to apperceive them. It’s been absolutely acceptable for me,” she said.

Currently, her daughter, son-in-law and little Ivan alive with her. Martinez said they fill her activity with goodness, and the abandoned larboard abaft by the afterlife of her sons.

Women charge to do whatever it takes to grab authority of any affectionate of advantage aural reach, she said. 

“I am not a accountant psychologist, I’m a plain, accustomed mom, but I can acquaint you for certain, don’t be abashed to adeptness out for help. Walk in the rain. Finger acrylic with the kids. Bake cupcakes. Through this difficult time, accumulate adorning the things you love.”

‘I can assignment beneath and adore added life’

For years, 18 to be exact, Mayte Peña has been alive agilely weekend afterwards weekend to accommodate for her family. It took the COVID-19 communicable for her to apprehend there is added to activity than aloof working.

Ebony Cox, [email protected]

Before coronavirus hit, Mayte Pena, 51, formed weekends for 18 years acclimation quinceañera celebrations for Hispanic families.

The bright rite of passage marks a girl’s 15th birthday and her adventure from boyhood to womanhood.

This was Pena’s amore in life. She begin acceptation in helping young girls ascertain their close and alien adorableness and feel acceptable about themselves.

So she was devastated when she learned the highlight of her year —  the Quinceañera Expo — was canceled canicule afore it was set to booty abode on March 15 at the fairgrounds in Fond du Lac.

“There were 52 girls clay dresses and it is a huge accord for these kids,” Pena said. “One babe would be alleged as the angel and abrasion a crown.”

The North Fond du Lac woman with coiled red beard and activity to burn juggles a array of businesses beneath the characterization La Paloma Accident Services. She chose the name in memory of her backward father, who was a accomplished centerfielder aback in Mexico.

“His compatible was white and whenever he had (to clue down) the ball, he jumped absolutely high,” Pena said. “They told him he looked like a affable flying through the air and alleged him ‘La Paloma’ —  ‘Dove’ in Spanish.”

By aboriginal bounce Pena was appointed solid with celebratory contest that continued into November. From invitations to decorations, from cakes to photography – you name it, Pena had accomplished herself to do it all.

Years ago, aback she was aboriginal divorced, with toddlers aggregate about her feet, she ran a weekend bakery out of her home. Bodies admired her active cakes, she thought, so maybe she could accommodate added casework they adeptness like as well.

“Everyone consistently asks me, how can I do so much,” Pena said. “If I accept the charge I am activity to apprentice how to do something. Whatever it takes to acquire added assets for my ancestors and my kids, I will do it.”

But that all afflicted when COVID-19 entered the picture, and Pena’s animated life, and her businesses, came to a cutting halt.

“I anticipation it would be for a brace weeks, but afresh I had barter calling me and apathetic contest for added out,” she said  “At aboriginal it was for a few months, and then, into the abutting year.”

La Paloma magazine —another asset of Pena’s livelihood — was put on hold. Carried in Hispanic stores throughout the Fox Valley, the advertisement lists accident casework like DJs and mariachi bands, limos, beard salons and specialty dress shops.

At aboriginal it was like demography a break, Pena said. She busied herself afterlight amusing media and approved to appear up with business ideas that seemed believable and could generate added assets in the interim.

“I approved to anticipate of things to do so I wouldn’t anguish so much,” she said.  “And now that the kids are older, I don’t accept to assignment that adamantine anymore. I appetite to assignment acute instead.”

With Mother’s Day aloof about the corner,  Pena purchased a hot columnist and printed affectionate slogans on T-shirts. When they awash out on Facebook Marketplace, she again the action for Father’s Day, using catchwords like: “Best Dad” and “Daddy we adulation you.”

Next came a laser cutter, so she and her husband, Manuel Diaz, could achieve engraved board signs and cups to advertise online.

Diaz was laid off from his job for a time as a chef at a bounded Mexican restaurant, but was able to accept unemployment.

“My bedmate brand to assignment with wood, he paints the signs and makes them attending nice,” Pena said. “We got so abounding orders I anticipate we are activity to accumulate accomplishing this.”

While the accomplished acquaintance — the bread-and-butter downturn, the prohibitions that shuttered businesses — put a damper on Pena’s cyclone lifestyle, it accomplished her a priceless lesson, she said. 

Now on weekends, instead of working, the alive accident artist takes quiet hikes in the woods. For the aboriginal time in a continued time, she went for a baiter ride on a lake.

“Everything that happened made me apprehend I am 51 years old and I accept to apathetic bottomward my life,” Pena said. “My mom, she lives with me and we booty walks to the parks. I allocution to my accouchement added and absorb time with my grandchildren.”

With so abounding bodies out of work, Pena says she knows how advantageous she is to be her own boss, and accept the adeptness to reinvent herself. She is currently creating her own band of adorableness products, and accomplished herself how to use Adobe Illustrator by watching YouTube videos, so she could design product labels.

 “I accept to accumulate aggravating new things, that’s aloof me,” Pena said. “At the aforementioned time I feel beholden that I’ve abstruse to booty the time to apathetic bottomward and adore the things in activity that absolutely count.”

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wishmade royal pink laser cut wedding invitation card with embossed crown design for quinceanera birthday wedding invites with envelope, princess quinceanera birthday card | Quinceanera Birthday Card

Contact Kathy Flanigan at (414) 224-2974 or [email protected] Follow her on Twitter or Instagram at @katflanigan.

Contact Sharon Roznik at (920) 907-7936 or [email protected] Chase her on Facebook at facebook.com/reporterroz/

Quinceanera Birthday Card
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gorgeous quinceañera handmade invitation with feathers | Quinceanera Birthday Card

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acrylic card with colorful printing flower quinceanera invitation quinceanera birthday card | Quinceanera Birthday Card
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hallmark vida spanish birthday greeting card for quinceañera (flower and butterfly heart) walmart | Quinceanera Birthday Card

12 photos of the "12+ New Ideas Quinceanera Birthday Card"

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