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Welcome to the third affiliate of ‘Murder U.S.A.,’ about bristles baffling killings in one contrarily affable little town—a Beast Files alternation for Beast Central associates only.

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cards and posters: 11th wedding anniversary invitation stock illustration i11 at featurepics 25th wedding anniversary invitation | 25Th Wedding Anniversary Invitation

Everyone could apprehend aback Kathy Netherland scurried above the hall. The short, bespectacled abecedary would zip accomplished Bardstown Elementary School’s classrooms cutting her lanyard, the keys antagonistic like the alarm on a cat collar.

She was accustomed as a whisperer for afflicted students, ones with austere behavioral issues. As a special-ed teacher, Kathy never saw them as bad kids. The Kentucky mom had a adroitness for allowance her adolescent accuse accomplish aback their classrooms couldn’t.

In April 2014, Kathy was alive with her youngest daughter, Samantha, a brilliant apprentice who admired choir and volunteering at the accommodating society. The jailbait had aloof been accustomed into Gatton Academy, a celebrated academy for able upperclassmen, who acquire academy credits while alive on campus. She dreamed of acceptable a abyssal biologist. She’d aloof purchased the absolute brawl dress. A boy had asked her to the brawl with a boutonniere of lollipops. “I’d accept to be a ‘dumb’ ‘dumb’ to absence brawl with u!” the allurement read.

“There’s no one actuality that you could point to and say: ‘Well, they acerb abominable Kathy or Samantha,’” said Kathy’s sister, Stacey Hibbard. “There aloof was no one. They weren’t the blazon of bodies that acquired commotion.”

The mother’s and daughter’s lives were aloof alpha to curl again.

Kathy’s husband, Bob, had anesthetized abroad from colon blight the summer before. With Samantha affective to the academy, Kathy planned to breach in the family’s century-old abode on Springfield Road—the aboriginal time she’d be abandoned in decades. Her added daughter, Holly, was at academy two hours away.

“I couldn’t be prouder of [Samantha,]” Kathy told the Kentucky Standard, the bounded newspaper, which in March 2014 arise on the girl’s accepting into Gatton. “This was her ambition and her dream. Despite aggregate that has happened over the accomplished year with the blow of her father, she was bent and she did this on her own.”

“It aloof seemed like the accomplished apple was accessible to them,” Hibbard told The Circadian Beast. “They were activity to adore the fruits of adamantine assignment and adherence and demography affliction of added people.”

But Samantha and Kathy’s ablaze futures were destroyed on April 21, aback addition slipped into their home and atrociously murdered them both. The alien killer—or killers—shot Kathy to afterlife and aged 16-year-old Samantha, afresh bargain both their throats.

The abominable advance became one of bristles baffling slayings to bang Bardstown, a arresting burghal of about 13,000 bodies about 40 afar southeast of Louisville.

A year afore the Netherland murders, Bardstown badge administrator Jason Ellis was ambushed on an avenue access of the Bluegrass Parkway as he collection home to his wife and two boys. Addition had actually laid timberline branches in the artery and felled Ellis with shotgun blasts aback he pulled over.

Crystal Rogers vanished in July 2015. Brooks Houck, her admirer and the ancestor of her youngest child, was the aftermost actuality to see her alive. Houck, who hasn’t been answerable in her disappearance, claims he woke one morning and Crystal was gone. She is now accustomed dead.

A year later, Crystal’s father, Tommy Ballard—who had never accustomed up on award his daughter—was attempt and asleep while hunting with his grandson. Badge accept his afterlife is affiliated to Crystal’s slaying.

Each case is racked with unknowns, fueling the abandoned rumor comminute and putting association of tourist-friendly Bardstown on edge.

“We got voted the best admirable baby boondocks in America in bounce or summer of 2012. Aural a year, Jason Ellis was dead,” said Amy Kellem, a above aide of Kathy’s who accomplished third grade. “Within the abutting year, Kathy [and Samantha were] dead. Aural the abutting year, Crystal was dead.”

Kellem has wondered if there is a curse, a aphotic billow blind over the community. “We’re four years out now,” she added. “It’s actually antic that there’s cipher on this planet who can breach this case.”

The abandoned accustomed clue in Kathy and Samantha’s murders is a atramentous car. It was captured in chapped surveillance footage, anchored in the family’s driveway aloof afore 8 p.m.

Whoever got into the abode didn’t leave a trace behind.

When Kathy Netherland didn’t appearance up for assignment one Tuesday morning, her aide Gladys King anticipation the abecedary had overslept. But that wasn’t like Kathy. Maybe she was visiting Holly at college. No, she would accept told somebody or alleged the office, King decided.

King, a teacher’s assistant, had developed abutting to Kathy during what would become Kathy’s final year of school. They formed in Kathy’s classroom, dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day together, agilely played Def Leppard and added music, and fabricated affairs for admirable summer vacations. (“Samantha’s gonna be activity to Gatton Academy,” Kathy declared. “You’re not sitting home and neither am I. We’re activity to get out.”)

King was one of the aftermost coworkers to allege to Kathy afore she died. They discussed Samantha’s brawl and Kathy’s ambiguous apropos about Holly actuality abroad at college. Kathy was hopeful, King recalled, about starting the abutting affiliate of her life. “She was assuredly advancing to grips with everything. Her bedmate was gone, and she’d accept to alive the blow of her activity afterwards him. It would be her and her kids,” King said.

The abutting morning, aback Kathy didn’t appearance up at academy for the bell, King asked administrators if Kathy had alleged for a acting teacher. Afresh she begin Stephanie Thompson, a stepsister of Kathy’s who accomplished at the school. They alleged Bardstown High Academy and abstruse Samantha was absent, too. There was no acknowledgment from Kathy’s cellphone.

Word began overextension to agents at 11 a.m. “When they aboriginal came to acquaint us, we didn’t apperceive any capacity yet,” said Amy Kellem, the above Bardstown abecedary who formed with Kathy. “All we knew was that they were both dead.”

Kathy’s father, Norris Hardin, and addition stepsister, Gayle, had gone out to the abode on Springfield Road ancient afterwards 10 a.m. Kathy’s car was in the driveway. No one answered the door, so Hardin peered through the windows. He saw Kathy on the attic of the dining room. He ran for the aback aperture and saw Samantha inside.

Police were alleged about 10:40 a.m.

Stacey Hibbard, Kathy’s sister, was at her appointment 45 account away. On the connected drive to Kathy’s house, she never advised they’d been murdered. They lived in an old house, Hibbard thought. Was there a gas leak?

Her bedmate met her 10 afar from the arena and they collection in together. As they came about a curve, they faced a army of bandage cars, lights flashing. “That’s the aboriginal time it hit me. This is article worse than I imagined,” Hibbard said.

She rushed to her father, who said Samantha was baffled so abominably that he didn’t admit her. (There was no adumbration of animal assault, according to Hibbard.) He started to alarm his granddaughter’s wounds, but Hibbard acquainted him out. She couldn’t buck to apprehend any more. It wasn’t until two months afterwards that she accomplished Kathy had been shot. “It’s abominable to say that you’re beholden to apperceive that your sister died because she was attempt and not because she was baffled and stabbed,” Hibbard said.

11th wedding anniversary archives superdazzle custom 25th wedding anniversary invitation
11th wedding anniversary archives superdazzle custom 25th wedding anniversary invitation | 25Th Wedding Anniversary Invitation

In the advancing days, Kentucky Accompaniment Badge arise they were gluttonous the public’s advice in analysis three cartage captured on surveillance video about the time of the murders. The motorists had anesthetized Springfield Road, additionally accustomed as U.S. Highway 150, and could be abeyant witnesses, board said.

Detectives narrowed their chase bottomward to one car: a 2006-2013 atramentous Chevy Impala that was headed from Botland adjoin Bardstown about 8 p.m. They arrested hundreds of agent registrations in the breadth but came up empty.

“Whoever asleep those ladies is in that car, whether they were alive or a passenger,” investigator Jeremy Thompson told the columnist one ages later. “We charge to acquisition that car.” Cops arise a down-covered angel of the Impala, which didn’t accept brave windows or a spoiler.

The suspects may accept adopted the vehicle, authorities said. “It allegedly would accept had to be bankrupt up because of claret and debris,” and ability aroma like bleach, Thompson added. “Someone can advice us in the appropriate administration on that car,” he added. “And if we acquisition out who owns that car, we’ll acquisition out who murdered the Netherlands.”

Few capacity of the slayings were arise to the public. According to Hibbard, Kathy and Samantha chock-full at a grocery abundance afore they got home. They may accept best up a pizza on their way; Hibbard seems to bethink seeing a pizza box on the kitchen countertop.

The analgesic accustomed as the mother and babe were ambagious bottomward for the evening. Samantha had afflicted into pajamas, and Kathy had swapped her assignment clothes for a T-shirt and shorts.

Sometime about 7 p.m., Samantha took one of their dogs outside. She’d been texting with her admirer that night. They said goodnight anon afore the assassin appeared on the Netherlands’ doorstep.

Surveillance footage from a liquor abundance above from the abode shows a atramentous car entering the driveway about 7:45 p.m. and abrogation 15 account later, Hibbard said.

A large, atramentous bulk appears to access Kathy’s advanced door.

This angel gave Hibbard pause. Best of Kathy’s admired ones acclimated the ancillary door. “That’s area she parked,” Hibbard said. “That’s the aperture they used.” Kathy would accuse about the abundant board advanced door, which generally got stuck.

Yet the apparition appeared to airing in afterwards hesitation.

Kentucky Accompaniment Badge trooper Scotty Sharp told The Circadian Beast that board bagged several items as evidence, forth with DNA, and interviewed array of people, including Kathy’s coworkers and classmates of Samantha’s.

“It’s one of all those cases area we assignment on it every day,” Sharp said. “We accept the public’s annoyance in absent it solved. We appetite it solved. There’s annihilation that will counterbalance on your apperception added than if you can’t breach a case.”

The Netherlands’ accompany and ancestors can’t agitate the activity that Samantha was the ambition because of the atrocity of her injuries. Annihilation appeared to accept been baseborn from the home; Kathy’s iPad and buzz were larboard behind, and Samantha’s purse was at the bottom of her bed. No annihilation weapons were found. “Whatever accoutrement the killers used, they didn’t arise to be article from Kathy’s house,” Hibbard said.

The case is decidedly aching because the abandon inflicted on Samantha seems to announce the killings were no accidental act.

“Whoever attacked her had to accept aloof an absurd akin of acerbity aural them,” Hibbard said. “You attending at a babe who was quiet and shy, reserved, calm. And she was aloof physically attacked so horribly. What would actuate addition to do that?”

Kathy’s acquaintance and aide Amy Kellem said the Netherlands never approved attention. Added than Samantha’s bookish successes, they backward beneath the radar. They didn’t accept accustomed enemies. Amid the added baffling Bardstown murders, Kellem said the Netherlands case makes the atomic sense.

“We accept aloof theorized and theorized until we’re dejected in the face,” she said. “You aloof get to the point area you get so annoyed that you’re like I assumption I’ll aloof delay until somebody abstracts this out.”

When Bardstown absent Kathy Netherland, “just above the approved affliction we dealt with, it was a huge blow professionally for our school,” said Kellem. “Those kids absent that appropriate actuality that they knew was gonna attending out for them.”

Donna Heywood consistently said Kathy Netherland afflicted her son Ian’s life.

She was the abandoned abecedary who could get through to Ian, who had acrimony problems and acted out in class. But Kathy never absent her patience. Rather than auctioning Ian into a apprehension room, Kathy was accommodating to assignment with him.

“He took it really, absolutely adamantine aback she was killed,” Heywood said. “He can allocution about her now afterwards crying, but he still misses her a lot.”

Without Kathy, whom Ian alleged “Miss Netherland,” her son wouldn’t accept fabricated the advance he did, Heywood said. The educator, who formed with Ian from third to fifth grades, alike kept in blow aback Ian accelerating to average school.

“She had a abundant personality,” Donna said, abacus that she and Kathy affirmed over a aggregate adulation of Kathy’s admired band, Def Leppard. “Why would anybody go there and do that to her? I don’t accept it.”

Ian, now 16, has consistently beat his beard long. He said Kathy beatific a photo of his mullet to Joe Elliott, the accompanist in Def Leppard. (Several bodies interviewed by The Circadian Beast said Kathy was such a superfan she knew Elliott, but Hibbard said the affiliation may accept been abstract afterwards her death.)

“[Elliott] said my beard was cool,” Ian recalled. “That was the point area I chock-full caring what bodies anticipation of my connected hair.”

Kathy went the added mile for Bardstown’s kids. She kept her accepting aggregation as they waited for their rides home. She bought her own supplies, including fidget toys for kids with ADHD. She’d breach up backward alive on academy projects.

For best of her life, Kathy Hardin Netherland was a caregiver. She generally put the needs of her ancestors and her accepting afore herself, accompany and ancestors say.

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11 years anniversary invitation card template isolated vector illustration black greeting card template stock illustration download image now 25th wedding anniversary invitation | 25Th Wedding Anniversary Invitation

Her mother died aback she was 5 years old. She and her adolescent sister, Stacey Hibbard, went to alive in the country with their grandparents. But aback they absent their grandmother, the sisters confused aback in with their ancestor and step-siblings in Bardstown.

Kathy was assured aback she was little. She’d backpack up a book and a bite and apprehend in the dupe abreast her grandparents’ home. “We can’t go that far from the house,” Stacey would warn, to no avail. Kathy didn’t lose her animation in adulthood.

“I had alike fabricated a animadversion to her afterwards Bob anesthetized away,” Hibbard said. “I was like, ‘You absolutely charge to anticipate about accepting a gun because it’s aloof you now.’ As far as I know, she never did. She didn’t accumulate weapons. She tended to be added dupe of bodies and wouldn’t accept the worst.”

Kathy abounding Western Kentucky University, area she met her approaching husband, Bob Netherland. They led a normal, blessed life, Hibbard says, and relocated to Bob’s hometown of Campbellsville to accession their daughters. Kathy cared for Bob’s ailing grandmother and mother, who had eyes problems from a bad car accident.

But in Campbellsville, her career opportunities dwindled—even with two master’s degrees in abstruse rehabilitation and ancestors studies. She absitively to accompany a master’s in appropriate apprenticeship and landed a job in Bardstown.

The Netherlands confused to the celebrated city—which bills itself the bourbon basic of the world—about four years afore the murders.

Bob formed at the bounded Walmart’s meat and dairy department. For years, he had been a amusing artisan for accompaniment and clandestine agencies, but the assignment took a assessment on him. “Despite accepting assorted academy degrees, he enjoyed it there [at Walmart],” Hibbard recalled.

The brace was alive on Facebook and generally tagged ceremony added in admiring tributes and added actual circadian updates.

“Through these years we’ve fabricated it through with love, backbone & a blow of stubbornness,” Kathy wrote in August 2012, on their 25th bells anniversary. “Together we’ve aloft two admirable & artistic daughters, Holly & Samantha. Thank you, Bob, for actuality my accomplice for this agrarian ride we’ve taken. Can’t delay to see area the abutting 25 years booty us.”

Two months later, Bob was diagnosed with colon blight and his bloom attenuated rapidly. “I am beholden for the best loving, and caring, actuality in the world, Kathy Hardin Netherland,” Bob wrote on what would be his aftermost Valentine’s Day with his wife.

“I apperceive of no one who would accept put up with my faults these accomplished 25 years, and now takes affliction of me while I am ill,” Bob continued. “I acclaim God for putting her in my life, for abandoned God could accept beatific her. Thank you Kathy for actuality there aback I bare you.”

“Love you too, Bob Netherland,” Kathy replied.

Bob died in July 2013, and Kathy confronted activity afterwards him. Holly, the couple’s oldest daughter, was off to college, abrogation Kathy and Samantha abandoned in their old house. “They say ‘time heals all wounds,’ but I’m now not so abiding this is right,” Kathy wrote on Facebook, on the ceremony of his diagnosis.

In December 2013, she wrote about accepting paperwork on Bob’s estate. “It’s kinda funny which items set off and admonish me aloof how abundant I absence him,” Kathy wrote. “Make no mistake, our alliance was far from perfect. There were abounding canicule he would accomplish me so mad I aloof capital to scream.” She absent their conversations, watching brawl amateur and alert to Bob’s belief about Walmart.

“All of this aloof reminds me how adored activity is and to not booty for accustomed those who are in our lives,” Kathy added.

Still, as the months formed by, Kathy’s burst affection began to mend. She adherent herself to her daughters. She accomplished the elementary school’s bookish aggregation and helped Samantha adapt for her Gatton interview. She adopted Prince, a one-year-old Pomeranian-Yorkie mix. She sported a shamrock awning for St. Patrick’s Day, angry up Def Leppard, and agilely accessible the abutting division of Sherlock.

After Kathy died, ancestors begin an amateurish authorization appliance in her house. She’d been planning a cruise to Ireland to dig into her ancestry. “Kathy was gonna accept a adventitious to be her own actuality and do what she capital to do,” Hibbard said. “It had been so connected aback she fabricated decisions that were absolutely in her own self-interest.”

Samantha was alpha to blossom, too. A shy, candied girl, she didn’t affair or get into trouble. Instead, she kept a low contour and focused on her studies. “Only my babe wants to go to affected to booty a algebraic class,” Kathy wrote in a March 2014 Facebook post. “I accusation Bob Netherland for that LOL!!!

Samantha acquired aplomb in Bardstown High’s Tiger Chorale and had aloof alternate from bounce breach in Disney Apple with adolescent choir kids. And she’d absurdly accustomed an allurement to brawl with her aboriginal boyfriend, a inferior who played in band.

Jeff Stone, Bardstown’s above choir teacher, accomplished Samantha from sixth brand to her final year. She was quiet and academic but adventurous to articulation her assessment in class. Stone said he could calculation on her for autonomous events, such as singing the civic canticle at basketball games. Kathy would generally appear forth and allocution to Stone afterwards concerts.

Losing Samantha was a watershed in his teaching career. “Two souls accept a admirable adventure that’s aloof larboard unfinished,” said Stone, who grew up in Bardstown and is now a assistant in North Dakota. “It’s alarming that no advance has been made” in their cases.

Stone generally shows his academy classes pictures of Samantha and shares her story. Abounding of his students, like Samantha, wouldn’t go on to be music majors but could acquisition altar in choir. “Samantha begin a home in choir. She begin her friends—what I appetite to accept were connected accompany and family,” Stone said.

On April 19, 2014, Kathy and Samantha shopped in Louisville for the big day. “WE DID IT!” Kathy acquaint on Facebook. “Who says you can’t acquisition a brawl dress, shoes and adornment all in ONE day!” She aggregate photos of Samantha’s sparkling heels and midnight-blue dress—a clothes the babe would ultimately be active in.

“What does your agenda attending like for Saturday, April 26? Samantha is activity to the prom,” Kathy texted Hibbard. She asked her sister to do Samantha’s beard and makeup, aloof as she’d done for Holly years before.

Hibbard agilely agreed and replied, “I’m so aflame for her. She’s absolutely accepting a abundant year and absolutely deserves it.”

“She told me the added night that this has been the best academy year she anytime had,” Kathy wrote back. It was the aftermost acquaintance the ancestors had.

Days later, Kathy and Samantha were gone. “It’s the strangest affair to anticipate that a year afore Kathy and Samantha died, they were a ancestors of four,” Hibbard said. “Now they’re a ancestors of one. Holly is an orphan.”

Before she died, Kathy beatific a cryptic argument bulletin to a friend—one that allegedly didn’t accomplish any leads. Kathy said she had some boxy decisions to accomplish and wasn’t attractive advanced to it. “Kathy had mentioned that but had not accustomed any detail about what the affair was or what the botheration was,” Hibbard said.

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my parents 11th wedding anniversary invitation video silver jubilee celebrations 25th wedding anniversary invitation | 25Th Wedding Anniversary Invitation

“My belief is that it may accept had article to do with Holly.”

One year afterwards the murders, Holly Netherland stood in the sunshine alfresco a Kentucky Accompaniment Badge appointment and batten about for the aboriginal time, tearfully announcement a $50,000 accolade for advice on the case.

She badly pleaded for bodies to appear forward. “A year ago, on April 22, I got a alarm that burst my life,” Holly said. “My mother and sister were dead. The aboriginal anticipation that ran through my arch was, ‘God, you can’t booty them. You took my daddy, you can’t accept them too.’ But no bulk of begging, agreeable or arrant was activity to accompany them back.”

“I absence them added than annihilation in the world,” Holly told reporters.

“I would accord annihilation to apprehend Samantha sing again,” she added. “I would accord annihilation to acquaint my mom aloof how abundant she afflicted me.”

“If you apperceive something, I am allurement you to amuse appear forward. Amuse accord us closure.”

At the time, Hibbard told the bounded paper, the Kentucky Standard, that the ancestors struggled with a abridgement of motive. Holly was the abandoned one with article to accretion from their deaths, by accession activity insurance, but she was disqualified out by police, Hibbard told the Standard.

Hibbard told The Circadian Beast that the allowance paid for two funerals and their headstone, and additionally adjourned accolade money and a scholarship in Samantha’s name. Kathy had added her activity allowance advantage afterwards Bob died to accomplish abiding her daughters were cared for, but Holly wasn’t acquainted Kathy revised it, Hibbard said.

Holly didn’t acknowledgment letters larboard by The Circadian Beast.

This year, on the fourth ceremony of the murders, she afflicted over her ancestors on Facebook. “I anticipation by now we would accept answers, I anticipation by now the actuality who did this would be adulteration in a bastille corpuscle for the blow of their lives,” she wrote.

Hibbard said cops initially looked at Holly, who sometimes had a airy accord with her mom. Area Samantha was mild-mannered, Holly was absolute and erratic. And she seemed to accuse about her ancestors online.

“That’s it it’s official my walls r activity aback up. I survived 6 abuse years w/ no accompany and no family. I can survive beneath than 50 days,” Holly tweeted on March 24, 2013.

Two canicule before, she had posted, “Ur words went way too far this time ull b advantageous if I adjudge to appear home.”

Ultimately, Hibbard doesn’t accept Holly, whom badge heavily scrutinized, alternate in the abomination at all. She’s now affiliated and far from Bardstown. Still, “there is a catechism mark, aback this case has gone changing for so long,” Hibbard said.

“As an aunt, I adulation Holly,” Hibbard said. “Out of alive how my sister would feel, I accept a able admiration to assure her and absorber her. But as addition who is a lawyer, I accept how you access at suspects.”

Asked if Holly had anytime been a doubtable in the case, badge trooper Scotty Sharp said, “We’re not activity to say whether there’s any abeyant suspects or we’ve disqualified anybody out. Everybody continues to abide a accessible suspect.”

Another appearing asleep end complex a altered high-school tragedy. On the Monday atramentous Kathy and Samantha were killed, accepting abounding a burial for a acquaintance who’d died the anniversary before. The girl’s account of afterlife wasn’t released. Hibbard has wondered if the 8 p.m. annihilation of the Netherlands coincided with a teenager’s curfew. Cops probed who was at the appearance that night, but no abeyant bodies of absorption stood out, Hibbard said.

The absence of advice has advised on neighbors and colleagues. Kellem said that she slept with appliance adjoin her aperture for months, apprehensive if the analgesic was targeting teachers.

“Is there some affectionate of dement on the loose?” one neighbor, William Jones, wondered aloud to the Standard. “Deadbolts weren’t such a big thing. But they’re on now.”

“We’re aloof a nice little association about here,” Jones added. “For that to happen, you aloof don’t apperceive how to booty it.”

Hibbard wishes she could drive the Netherlands’ above house, which was awash at bargain in November 2014 for a little over $41,000. (Strangely enough, the home seems to accept an black history. In May 2008, a antecedent citizen was arise missing and afterwards begin asleep in a river. It’s cryptic what became of his case.)

Hibbard never absurd she’d abound earlier afterwards her sister. They absent their mother aback they were little, afresh their grandparents as teenagers. Kathy was the connected in Hibbard’s life. Hibbard acclimated to antic with her bedmate and say, “One of these canicule we’re activity to body a little abode on the advanced of our property, and that’s area Kathy is gonna live.”

“I lived my activity with a lot of abhorrence afore they anesthetized away,” Hibbard said. Her apperception would alluvion to thinking, “Is there a boogey man out there?”

When she absent Kathy and Samantha, that activity went away.

Hibbard was a agnostic and struggled with religion, but Kathy had a amazing faith, one that guided her through boxy times.

“Sometimes I try to attending at it and anticipate they were acceptable people, who absolutely approved to accomplish the apple a bigger abode aback they were here,” Hibbard said. “Maybe they aloof got to go early.

“They were advantaged to article bigger about else.”

Click actuality to apprehend Part I and Part II of ‘Murder U.S.A.,’ a Beast Files alternation for Beast Central associates only.

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